Isabella Danielle, born at 24 weeks and 1 day, 1lb 11oz, 12.5in

Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

Alexander Charles, FULL TERM, 7lb 1oz, 20in

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lots of Pictures

Isabella is feeling much better. She’s still a little gurggly but coughing up plenty of stuff to get it out her system. The breathing treatments, steroids and inside confinement have worked for the chunky monkey. With Bella feeling better we also finally let the dogs in the house. We posted pictures of them too…you can see how happy and relaxed they are. With the kiddo feeling better, two happy puppies and a visit from my mom we had a great, relaxing weekend. God Bless you all, enjoy the pictures!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


OLIVIA (aka Olivia & Logan to the right) is 2 YEARS OLD today!!! She is another miracle baby that has become part of our preemie family thru the great world of blogging. We hope Olivia is enjoying a beautiful day with her mommy and daddy!

Jodi, give Olivia a BIG hug and kiss for us.

I took Bella to the doctor this morning. She is a little worse than we thought. Dr. J says she has a mild case of bronchitis; so we have steriods for her airways and breathing treatments are every three hours instead of twice a day. We pray this clears up soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sorry this is so late Parker (aka Parkers Crib to the right), but Bella has been a little under the weather the last few days (battling what seems to be sinus or allergies). Parker Chepolis is A YEAR OLD today!!! Much like Bella, Parker was a micro-preemie that has fought his way to where he is today...a happy thriving buddle of joy! Mere & Paul we hope you two had a splendid day with your baby boy. Give Parker and Andi kisses for us.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daddy's Turn

Well, we played switch-a-roo and Chris is out of town now. So here are some pictures for him to enjoy of his baby.

As you can tell from all the recent pics, she is growing so much. I was amazed when I got home Tuesday night, looked down at her in her crib, and was in awe at how long she looked. With all the growing has come a ton of movement. Over the last couple of days I have watched her go in circles on her tummy and back on the living room floor. I have blankets spread every where because you never know where she is going to end up. Of course she isn't crawling yet, but she sticks her bottom up in the air and pushes her feet. During physical therapy yesterday, the PT said she wouldn't be surprised if Bella walked almost immediately after learning to crawl. The princess is so top heavy that she is having difficulty getting the coordination down between the knees, hands and head. We are focusing on stretching her trunk muscles and doing baby push-ups so she can balance herself. As for everything else health wise, she is doing fabulous. She is teething at the moment so she has plenty of saliva and drainage. We still give her breathing treatments as she needs them, which is a few times a week. We continue to be blessed as our little angel is thriving.

Much Love, Peace & God Bless!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mommy we miss you!!

Machel is in San Antonio for work and so I wanted to post some pictures of Bella and Mommy that I took Sunday before she left. Bella and I have been hanging out and she is so adorable!! Well enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We haven't posted in over a week, sorry about that!! Bella is progessing very well, she is starting to roll herself over on her tummy and hold her head up high. Today she even rolled back over to her back! She squirms around but no real crawling more rolling and nudging herself around than anything. She's standing well, but not on her own or pulling herself up. But when I hold her hands, she loves to stand and look around. We will try to do another post tomorrow with more pics and more of an update on her condition, until then enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Our big, thriving, precious girl is 8 months old today. What an amazing 8 months it has been. Each day we count our blessings, thank the Lord for this gift, and appreciate each smile she puts on our faces. Although, I have to admit, I have had to pray for patience with the spoon feeding...between the grabbing the spoon, knocking the spoon away, pulling food out of her mouth and smearing it all over herself...mommy's getting a little frustrated; but in the end all I can do is laugh at her. We are taking her swimming tonight instead of our usual walk, so hopefully we will get more cute pictures to share. Until then, enjoy these...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Girls Weekend

Bella and I had our first weekend all to ourselves. Daddy has been in Houston since Friday and won't be back till tomorrow night (WE MISS YOU!!!). We have had some good bonding time; lots of playing, some physical therapy, learning how to eat with a spoon, evening strolls in the neighborhood and many conversations...the princess has been talking up a storm, even talking as I write this. It is amazing how they change so quickly. Enjoy her pictures: