Isabella Danielle, born at 24 weeks and 1 day, 1lb 11oz, 12.5in

Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

Alexander Charles, FULL TERM, 7lb 1oz, 20in

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving day of Firsts

Helping Daddy fry his turkey...

Eating mashed potatoes...

My first sippy cup...

Too much turkey...

My first ice cream (BLUE BELL)...

Hanging with my cousins...

Our First Thanksgiving!

Isabella's FIRST Thanksgiving Morning!

Goodness how things change in a year! At this time a year ago I was still pregnant...a week later I wasn't. Our miracle was born on Dec 5, 2008, had a trying NICU course, came home with little maintenance and has thrived ever since. She truly is a blessing and gives us a hundred reasons a day to be thankful. Our wish for all our family, friends and blog readers we've never met is that you have a blessed day and you have many things to be thankful for.

Psalm 26:7
That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.

Psalm 69:30
I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.

Here are some pictures from last week!

We will post more pics tonight after our Thanksgiving festivities and the chunky monkey has gotten her gobble gobble on...Love and God Bless!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Big Girl!

Isabella turned a whooping 11 months old last Thursday! Our big girl is getting to be such an amazing little person. She has been at a full out crawl for the last week and a half, pulling herself into standing on her paper boxes, turning pages of a book and making so many new sounds. We could have swore she said DOG last night while playing with Juno, that may have been a little wishful thinking. Her level of cognition has seemed to blossom as well. In working with her you can just watch her expressions and see her mind at work. Her responsiveness in precarious situations is impressive to us. With all of her therapy sessions and different therapists, each of them are pleased with her abilities for her ACTUAL age. Her only lagging attribute is the use of her hands and shoulder strength. We are so blessed with our precious angel. God Bless you all!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wonder Woman!!!

Our little girl is getting big!! She is crawling around, climbing over things, trying to pull herself up and she loves to walk while holding our hands!! She is getting so strong. But that's not all, she is becoming very inquisitive. Whenever we are eating she wants to try it too. She is such a cute, little chunk!! Machel was eating popcorn on the floor and we were waiting for trick or treaters last night when Bella crawled toward Machel and the bowl. She crawled over Machel to get to the bowl and then grabbed a handful of popcorn. After taking the popcorn from her we gave her a few to chew on, then put her in her high chair with some of her apple puffs. In the past she would smash the puffs instead of picking them up, but something clicked last night and was grabbing puffs and trying to put them into her mouth. Only about half of them actually made it in her mouth, the other half ended up on the floor, but we were so excited!! She was even using her left hand to do it too!!
So we took Bella trick or treating Thursday afternoon at my work. My office has Halloween every year. We put candy out and workers bring their small kids up to work to trick or treat in a safe environment. We also get to see the little one's cute costumes!! Well this year both Machel and I dressed up with Isabella as we went trick or treating!! Then on Halloween night we dressed her up again, so that Wonder Woman could greet the trick or treaters that came to the door. We had a great evening! Enjoy the pics of the princess!!

Daddy is Papa Ron Burgundy, Mommy is a Yankee's fanatic

Super Sammy and Wonder Bella