Isabella Danielle, born at 24 weeks and 1 day, 1lb 11oz, 12.5in

Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

Alexander Charles, FULL TERM, 7lb 1oz, 20in

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On Deck

This is Zachary's analogy for the moment! And it happens to be two-fold.

Our little slugger just started baseball a couple of weeks ago and is headed into his third game this weekend. Baseball has long been my favorite sport. I grew up watching my brother play and had my own 7 year run with softball. There is something about the game to me that is so relaxing, nostalgic, strategic, and patriotic. I know part of my love has to do with the time of year, SPRING and all its wonderful glory...fresh cut grass, new flowers, warmer weather, the urge to be outside, the team camaraderie while being with friends. Needless to say, Zach has had a baseball tee for a few years now. And lucky for this mama, he has always loved to use it. Zach doesn't have a very extensive attention span at 4.5 (who would expect much different), but I was very impressed with his attention on the field at his first game. His second game was a little different. He and the other kids are now friends and are cutting up more, which in itself is great. Here's hoping this next game he is still as enthused and attentive!


LOOK WHO REGISTERED FOR KINDERGARTEN! Technically, Zachary can start kindergarten this year given that he turns 5 before September 1st. Having an August baby is hard in making the right decision about starting school. Having an August baby that is a boy is even harder.  Chris and I have gone back and forth extensively about our choice whether or not to start him in school. We've decided to take the plunge and see where it takes us. My hesitation as a mother are his maturity issues, his need of one on one guidance while doing work, and not wanting him to get pushed around by bigger kids. With a child of his enthusiasm and charisma also comes the opposite spectrum of easily having his feelings hurt and being sensitive emotionally (also clearly a middle child trait). I'm hoping that after a couple of months into kindergarten we will have a good perspective on his development. Luckily I've been able to have a good relationship with the teachers and staff while volunteering for Bella in her first year of school. I know that grants me more knowledge and insight to what lies ahead for Zach's first year. Within those first two months, if I see him struggling or not progressing accordingly, I will have a sit down with the counselor and decide how to move forward. But right now, I need to give my little man the chance to prove himself for all that he is capable of accomplishing.


So here is to Zachary and all that the future holds! He has incredible potential and I cannot wait to see where everything he learns (and absorbs) takes him. Five minutes in a conversation with this kid and he would probably have you on the floor laughing. He is very matter-of-fact and insightful bringing an amplified meaning to "kids say the darnedest things"!

Peace be with you!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Daughter, the strides you have made in your short few years
Shock and awe me, only to show me all God hears.
You are a gleaming example of fervid prayers
Graced by loving hands of medical carers.
Without their abounding knowledge and passion
You may not be here to fill my life with devotion.
The world is blessed by your very presence.
Your wit and humor give a precious essence
To all the good in life and all there is to love.
Your many daily gifts are endured from God above.
To the little Gymnast, whipping yourself around,
To the creative Inventor, with toys scattered upon the ground,
To the inspiring Pianist, who's fingers move across keys,
To the Literary Master, reading me chapter books with ease,
And correcting any word I might say wrong.
You will not be my amazing LITTLE girl for long.
You went from itty-bitty, teensy-weeny 
To a shining star exuding beauty.
I know in all due time you will be a young woman
Ready to take on the world, continuing to shine.

Here is to our NICU Graduate, where on this day we always remember being able to take our precious girl home after 99 days in the UVa Children's Hospital. We do our best everyday to teach you how you started and where you came from. You have an amazing beginning and I pray each day that you continue to have an amazing life with a fighting spirit!!!

Peace be with you all.