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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wonder Woman!!!

Our little girl is getting big!! She is crawling around, climbing over things, trying to pull herself up and she loves to walk while holding our hands!! She is getting so strong. But that's not all, she is becoming very inquisitive. Whenever we are eating she wants to try it too. She is such a cute, little chunk!! Machel was eating popcorn on the floor and we were waiting for trick or treaters last night when Bella crawled toward Machel and the bowl. She crawled over Machel to get to the bowl and then grabbed a handful of popcorn. After taking the popcorn from her we gave her a few to chew on, then put her in her high chair with some of her apple puffs. In the past she would smash the puffs instead of picking them up, but something clicked last night and was grabbing puffs and trying to put them into her mouth. Only about half of them actually made it in her mouth, the other half ended up on the floor, but we were so excited!! She was even using her left hand to do it too!!
So we took Bella trick or treating Thursday afternoon at my work. My office has Halloween every year. We put candy out and workers bring their small kids up to work to trick or treat in a safe environment. We also get to see the little one's cute costumes!! Well this year both Machel and I dressed up with Isabella as we went trick or treating!! Then on Halloween night we dressed her up again, so that Wonder Woman could greet the trick or treaters that came to the door. We had a great evening! Enjoy the pics of the princess!!

Daddy is Papa Ron Burgundy, Mommy is a Yankee's fanatic

Super Sammy and Wonder Bella


mcfred1 said...

The last picture of her squinching up her face is killing me!!! I love it ... I love her costume ... I love HER!!!

PS - Abby's a lefty, too!!

Marilyn J said...

Great fun for Halloween for you and Bella. Wonder Woman likes cereal puffs. And she's really getting curious. M