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Saturday, December 5, 2009


First off, thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes for Princess Bella! Our little diva definitely knows she's loved.

Today has been a wonderful family day. Bella is teething very bad, so we got to say happy FIRST birthday at 2:45am. She slept on and off till 6:30 and then it was play time. After a quick, much needed nap, we took off to see SANTA.

We were so surprised that she didn't cry while sitting in his lap. She has been so irritable the last few days. Along with the teething, she battled with trying not to get a stomach bug Chris had this past week. Luckily it only came down to her running a high fever...none of that other icky stuff.

After Santa, she was so wiped out she took a 2 hour nap. This did her so much good and she was her normal bubbly self the majority of the day. In the moment of being fresh from her nap, she opened a couple of presents from Mommy & Daddy that I wrapped. Amazingly she took to it pretty well, maybe her OT will be pleased.

We all played with the new toys after Chris got them together. She really likes her table toy she got last weekend (thanks to the Koepps and Hobergs). We threw her a small party at Granmommy's house since we were in town for Thanksgiving.

At her actual birth time (5:30pm CT), we sang her happy birthday. Later in the evening we sang to her again, after unveiling her birthday cake; so yummy, Sweet Potato cake with Butter Cream icing (who would have thought).

Now the Princess is winding down from her big day watching her favorite Disney princess, Cinderella. The girl totally mellows out everytime this movie is on and she will NOT watch any other Disney movie. But once Cinderella's stepsisters tear up her mouse crafted dress you better be paying attention because she is DONE with the movie. Without fail she screams each time the movie gets to this point and she will not watch anymore, it is so adorable. I pray that she is relaxed enough to have a good nights sleep so we can make it to church in the morning.

Well, the past year has flown by and been full of so much emotion. Praise the Lord that emotion has mostly been happy. Thanks to everyone for all the support and prayers over the last year. Our journey would have been so much harder without you. Much love, peace and God Bless!


Opening Presents is fun!!

Last Week at Granmommy's

Today with Mom and Dad

Did we forget to mention that it snowed in West Texas this week??


Tanner, Jodi & Parker said...

Happy Birthday sweet Bella! I hope you had a wonderful 1st birthday :)

lauren said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Bella! You continue to amaze us all!!

BTW, the sweet potato birthday cake sounds devine!

Machel - totally diggin' the Uggs!

Amber said...

Happy 1st birthday Bella. I am so glad that she loves the activity table. When Aubrey was little it was his TOP favorite toy. It is so amazing to see the progress she has made in one year. What a sweet and precious little girl.

KCWoodhead said...

Happy Birthday Bella!! I thought of you all on Saturday as I was running through the woods in Huntsville - thinking what a year it has been for you all and how amazing it is to see how far Bella has come!