Isabella Danielle, born at 24 weeks and 1 day, 1lb 11oz, 12.5in

Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

Alexander Charles, FULL TERM, 7lb 1oz, 20in

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Swallowed by Boxes

I cannot believe we have gone this long without posting anything. I feel terrible for the time lag. But in our defense, the last few weeks have been CRAZY. Between holidays, traveling, moving, being sick, and new house repairs...time has floated away. It's hard to believe it's already the middle of January in our new year. The last few weeks would not have been possible without the help of so many people.

First, Cam and Cynthia...thank you for taking care of Zach while Isabella and I were sick. Chris was in Midland packing up the house during the first week of the month. Anyone who knows that I'm an accountant can only imagine this is a super busy time at work. Juggling 2 kids in a hotel room while having to be to work before 7am and not getting off until after 6pm really wore me down. By the end of the week I got a bug and became violently sick. Low and behold, Isabella became sick within a few hours after me. Fortunately Cam and Cynthia came to Zach's rescue and he never got sick. (although they ended up getting sick the following week)

Then there is GiGi (my mom), who drove over 2 hours to take care of Isabella and me until Chris could get to Houston. Thanks mommy!

Next on the list is my fabulous Uncle Ricky. He drove down from Oklahoma last week to help Chris and me make some changes to the house. We got so much done this weekend and the house is already transformed by the small cosmetic items he was able to install. I love you man! ;)

Now back to present day. Today is a pretty special day in the Delange household. We have an old man roaming around the house. Cooder Bear, our chocolate lab, is 5 years old today. I cannot believe my little, fat, blue-eyed rollie pollie is FIVE! Now he's our 95 pound monster. He's one of the best dogs a family could have. We had our traditional meatloaf puppy dinner tonight and sang him happy birthday.

Not sure if you all remember baby girl Cherish that was pod-mates with Isabella (she was born at 24 weeks and passed away after 6 short months of life). For those of you that do, I found out Sunday that her parents welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world at just over 31 weeks. They named her Isabella Fayth, she weighed 3lb 3oz and is 16in long. She is doing well and has filled her parents hearts with a joy beyond explanation. So CONGRATS Tonya and IC on your bundle of joy!!!

In other preemie news, I was informed by a childhood friend that another micro-preemie was welcomed into the world on Dec 28 at 25 weeks gestation. Her name is Lily Huth and appears to be doing well to date. She went on the vent for a short while and became the slightest bit septic, but has recovered nicely. Please add Lily to your prayer list! If I get a blog link or have any other news I will be sure to post. It is always amazing to follow these little miracles and see all they overcome.

As for Bella and Zach they seem to be growing like little weeds. Bella is really enjoying her new house. The day after we moved in and we arrived home from school, she easily walked up the front stoop, approached the door, threw her left hand in the air and shouted "HOME!" It made my heart feel all fuzzy. She's also doing a tumbling class at school on Wednesdays (I did this in leiu of continuing physical therapy) in which the teacher said she is willing to try everything and does really well with all the equipment. Zach is gobbling down his formula like crazy, rolling over, sitting up easily in the bumpo at school, playing very well with any toy you put in front of him, and being the happiest baby in his infant room. Have to admit, it's very different not seeing them so much during the day. I miss my babies. And having so little time with them during the evening does stink. I could only imagine how much worse it could be if we didn't live 10 minutes from work.

All in all, life is wonderful for the Delange family and we have missed you all. Now that life is starting to calm down a bit, I will definitely be posting more frequently. Have a blessed day and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Peace and God Bless

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