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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Positive Steps...But a Long Way to Go

As a follow-up to our last post, March of Dimes is still on our bad side. Fortunately the entire 17P/Makena issue has exploded and so many people have voiced concerns. That is amazing and great news! Chris and I have been quite frustrated with MOD simply piddling along not making much of a controversy of this issue. On Tuesday I received an email from the Houston March of Dimes family coordinator who received our information from Midland. She wanted to thank us for being a part of MOD/March for Babies and looked forward to meeting us. I promptly sent her an email stating that she wouldn't be meeting our family any time soon unless she can provide me with evidence that the relationship between KV/Ther-Rx and MOD would change as a result of the latest greed campaign of the drug company. I guess that got me on some type of mailing list. About an hour ago I received an email from the MOD Texas Communications Director with a nicely detailed list of the actions MOD has taken over the last week and a half. To the dismay of so many, the MOD effort started out weak and with little effort. With the uproar that so many have made, it appears that MOD decided to up the anty as of yesterday. Here is the letter Dr. Howse sent to Ther-Rx:

It is sad that it took so much out cry from their supporters for them to make this plea. MOD should have come out with this statement from the get-go! Now they have lost the respect of so many. I can guarantee that we are still on the outs with this group, will not be fundraising this year (if ever again), and I still plan to actively renounce MOD through letters to any necessary party that will make their actions known and hold MOD accountable for their connection to KV/Ther-Rx. Like I have repeatedly told people, I can give that money to UVa Hospital, Texas Children's Hospital or our church instead of MOD. If this group ever wants our support again, they will have to stand by the above claims as well as pound the statistics into the medias head about what is really being done to make Makena available to all women that need and deserve it for their precious unborn children.

Thanks for letting me rant...

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Lynsie said...

Thanks so much for bringing this issue to my attention and for standing up for what is right.

As a current user of progesterone, I was really freaked out that I would have to pay that outrageous price for my injections. I called the pharmacy and was told that since I'm already taking the medication, I'm grandfathered in. My heart still breaks for the other women out there who would be subject to those crazy high prices and perhaps not able to afford it or who wouldn't be eligible under the assistance program. I will be praying that God intervene in this situation and that the proper measures are taken so KV/Ther-Rx lowers the price.