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Friday, April 1, 2011

KV/Ther-Rx and MOD

This is the latest email...


As promised, I am providing the latest updates regarding March of Dimes, Ther-rx and Makena. Please see the messages below. March of Dimes will also be posting this on our national website. I think you will find the below posts of great interest and benefit to you and your supporters.

Many thanks,
Zakiya Larry

March 30- March of Dimes Posting The March of Dimes has issued the following statement today, Wednesday, March 30, which you may use with your volunteers, March for Babies teams, and local news media. The March of Dimes welcomes today’s FDA statement, which lays to rest any ambiguities about whether specialty pharmacies can continue to compound 17P. It would be a tragedy to interrupt access to this important drug. To date, Ther-Rx Corporation’s handling of the launch of Makena has been unsatisfactory to the March of Dimes and to the families we represent. We’ve asked Ther-Rx in writing and in discussion to substantially lower the price of Makena and to expand coverage for patient financial assistance. We’re waiting for their public statement on this matter, which we expect will occur within the next week. The March of Dimes number one concern is the health of mothers and babies. We will continue to work in a variety of ways to ensure that all medically eligible women have access to progesterone therapy. Click here for more helpful information.

TODAY- April 1- March of Dimes PostingToday, Ther-Rx Corporation responded to our demands by reducing the list price of Makena from $1,500 to $690 and expanding patient financial assistance. While these are steps in the right direction, we have decided to terminate our contract with Ther-Rx. Please see the attached statement on our web site for the media and letter to Ther-Rx conveying this decision.

Zakiya Larry
Communications Director

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