Isabella Danielle, born at 24 weeks and 1 day, 1lb 11oz, 12.5in

Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

Alexander Charles, FULL TERM, 7lb 1oz, 20in

Friday, March 9, 2012


...we are expecting #3!!! Just shy of 16 weeks to be exact!

Yes blog family, we are pregnant and is a large part of the reason we have been gone for so long. Between 2 very active kiddos, 2 busy jobs, and a pregnant me that can’t do much and is constantly tired…we have neglected our friends and family by not posting anything for almost 3 months. But we are back now and hope to keep it that way.

The great news however, is that we are ALL happy, healthy and growing! Bella is a whopping 40lbs, 38in tall and soaking up life like a sponge. Zach is 28lbs, 33.5in tall and a crazy, adventurous, conniving mess. They are both so much fun. There is so much that both of them do on a daily basis that keep both of us on our toes and laughing loudly.

As for the pregnancy, things so far have gone smoothly. Well, as smoothly as possible for me that is. I have had my typical bumps, but nothing major or alarming cause for concern. Cerclage went in last Friday and Dr. B was very pleased with how securely everything seems in place. I start progesterone shots next Wednesday, so I am trying to prepare myself for the serious weight gain.

As for D3 (or Littlefoot as I like to say), s/he seems to be doing great. Oh, and I have requested that with the surprise of a pregnancy that we also keep the gender a surprise. Yep, not going to find out what we are having until s/he comes screaming into the world with all the additional joy it will add to our lives. And as I mentioned, this pregnancy was a surprise…we were not planning to have another natural pregnancy. I’m still apprehensive about the fact that there will be 3 so very close in age, but much more excited now that I can feel the little hands and feet whacking at my abdomen.

Bella and Zach aren’t quite aware of what is going on, but steadily look up and touch my ever growing belly. We continue to ask Bella if she wants a “little sister or brother”. Without fail she wants a little sister. I think she gets tired of Zach bullying her around. Man, what is she going to do with 2 little brothers!!!

Well, on to the good stuff…pictures…

Little Man's first hair cut!

Getting ready to share a room!


Amanda said...

Congratulations Machel! What a wonderful surprise!! I am so happy for you and your family! XOXO

David said...

Once again - congratulations you two. Don't worry about having three so close in age - you'll do just fine. Just enjoy every minute - they fly by before you know it.