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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My 2 Cents

Most of my adolescent life I wanted to have a future in politics. First get my business degree, then attend law school and move back home to begin a run to state politics. But much like my dream to be a lawyer was squished by ultimately working with a handful of dirty ones, so too has my view of politicians steadily over time. I grew up in a household where political and market news was on television every night. I was fascinated with both as a child, teenager and even through college. My outlook was always that “I could make a difference” no matter what the perception of a politician might be (kind of like Eddie Murphy in "The Distinguished Gentleman"). I have always wanted to be that person that goes against the normal course to mean what I say and does what she says. Unfortunately over the years I have become disdained to a point where I just don’t care. I avoid political talk on television at all cost. One because you never know if you can believe what is reported and two because there is a myriad of bickering back and forth with no desire for common ground. If I can sit down with two toddlers and reason with them on what they do wrong as well as my husband on household issues, why is it so hard for two parties to sit down and agree for the common good of this country, it’s people and what our values represent. But in that last phrase lies a bit of the problem…what are our values these days. So many Americans want to move forward and progress as we advance as a people. Then there are those that also want to hold onto historical values that shaped our nation, mainly driven by faith. This creates a great division of values in our country. The separation of church and state doesn’t really exist as religion tends to muddy the waters of our nations policies. Don’t get me wrong, I am an incredibly faith driven person that will attest to Christ and the glory of His love and life. However, at the root of so many problems, from fiscal to national security to foreign policy, we need to decide as a collective group to make fixing the problem the priority before letting our “God” policies over run the sustaining policies of bringing this nation back to a pristine state. In my mind, that is the entire concept behind the separation of church and state. The heart of the matter is that all politicians need to get off their party high horses and draft a plan to shape this country back to a track of normalcy, something we have not seen in a very long time. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, etc. does not matter. What should matter as a politician is doing what is best for this country. And yes, one person’s view of what is best will be different from another’s. At that point you sit down and compromise or collaborate on a solution. Playing the blame game and pointing fingers has not worked, does not work and will not work. Bipartisan politics needs to settle down. The “revenge” factor floating around needs to be obliterated. Parties need to work together and talk out the issues instead of continually implicating the other to be the problem. Do what is best for your people…do what is best for this country…teach your children how to be responsible by working through differences and succeeding together for a common good.

I want these 3 to be proud of where they come from, not scoff at the mockery it is turning into. I want them to cry when their child recites the pledge of allegiance for the first time (like I did with Bella), I want tears to come to their eyes when hearing the national anthem, I want them to have pride in their heart knowing how fortunate they are to be an American. The path we are on, I am afraid, will not provide those feelings. Please pray with our family for our country and our politicians to do what is best for the people that live here to keep us healthy and safe.


Sarah said...

Thanks for posting your two cents. I have been trying to put into words the disappointment in people in general that came with this election for me - the unwillingness to act like adults, discuss, collaborate, move forward. Sometimes I wish you weren't allowed to say what party you were in or agreed with. I think my two cents match yours.

I hope we all find a way to make our political system work better for its people and find a way to participate, whether just paying attention or actually running.

p.s. I'd vote for you.

Bobby said...

Sis, you know how partisan I am. And while your goals are noble, unfortunately, the paths the 2 sides have chosen results in no middle ground. One wants a secular European society that punishes hard work and creates a reliance on the state. The other wants individualism based on a capitalist system.

How do you find a common ground when your goals are polar opposites?

After reading Hayek's 'The Road to Serfdom' I see now that just like in the 30's this will take a generational change in philosophy. Unfortunately, our teachers are teaching today's children the exact opposite values that I believe in, so that generational change may never come in my lifetime.