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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fully Recovered

Everyone is finally feeling well. No runny noses, sore throats or awfull headaches. The entire family is healthy and doing great.

Little Princess seems to be getting so much taller each day. She has gone from being a stocky chunky monkey to a long thick little girl. Of course we knew it would come eventually, but it happened a little slower than we expected. Bella is roughly 30 in. and still sitting at 26 lbs. She hasn't made much progress in the standing on her own area, but getting slightly better. We have her wearing special shoes for the time being. PT is concerned about her standing on her toes and rolling her right foot. The shoes have seemed to help some. Now we just need her to realize that crawling isn't the only mode of transportation. Other than that everything is about the same with her. She is still a little chatter box with all of her different sounds. However, her favorite word is DADA. She LOVES her daddy so much. This morning she was actually crying and upset when he left for work. I don't think she has done that for either one of us yet.

The most exciting news...Bella is finally getting two more teeth!!! The top two teeth are poking through. That brings us to a whoping 4 teeth! Amazingly she isn't having much trouble with this set. And praise the Lord she has been sleeping through the night for the last week or so. I'm hoping this keeps up, but I'm not going to count on it either. She usually does this in spurts and then its back to waking up once or twice a night. Many prayers that the little angel keeps this sleeping pattern up.

Speaking of prayers, please keep our new preemie family members in your prayers tonight. Peyton and Benjamin continue their NICU stay and need all the prayers our hearts can give. (their stories are on the right)

Many blessings and much love to all of you! Here are the recent snapshots of the Princess...


Candice said...

Gosh she is getting so big! Rhys got his first two teeth and then didn't get any more for about 4 months. Since number 3 & 4 popped through he's had a steady stream coming in and gosh I am so ready for the teething to be done! Rhys is also waking up once or twice a night, but then he'll sleep uninterrupted for a night or two. Glad y'all are doing well!

Hua said...

It's great that she's doing so well. I wish her continued success in the future!

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