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Friday, February 26, 2010

Bella goes to........

Well, I mentioned last post that Bella was experiencing some firsts and Meredith guessed walking. Bella is not quite walking yet, she is such a fast crawler, she doesn't see the point of stumbling around yet. She is walking much better and has taken a step or two between objects, when she goes from her table to the couch or from one couch to the other, but she is still very reluctant to let go of anything and the moment she realizes she is standing on her own, she looks around and plops down on her booty, then proceeds to crawl like a mad woman!! So what first was I talking about? Well Bella started mommy's day out yesterday!!! She was supposed to start on Tuesday but we got 5 inches of snow and here in Midland and 5 inches shuts down everything!! Anyway back to the mommy's day out.

Machel found a great place for Bella to go to start interacting with other kids her age. She found a church that has a mother's day out program every Tuesday and Thursday. They only had an opening in the slightly older classroom, so Bella is the youngest in her class. Everyone else is 18-22 months old and they are walking and talking. Bella being the big girl that she is, wasn't fazed by this at all. The teachers put her in a walker and once she figured it out she was chasing all the kids around! She had a really good day and only cried a little when Machel dropped her off! Otherwise she interacted with the other kids and was playing and having lots of fun!! We are really excited, because they have story time and teach the kids bible stories and sing songs, it is a wonderful environment for Bella. We thought it was getting to be time for her to venture out and start interacting with other kids her age and we are hoping this will help her development even more!! We are really excited!!

Well here are some pictures of Bella going to school..enjoy!! (In case you are wondering why Bella's clothes changed, she made a massive stinky that got on her first outfit, luckily Machel packed an extra outfit just in case)

They have cool toys and a slide similar to the one I have at home!! She immediately wanted to play on it!!

Ms. Erin holding Bella at school, Ms. Erin is one of her teachers.

All that playing made me tired!!

Look, I have 2 big teeth up top now too!!

Playing with my new toy with Daddy after I got home from school!


lauren said...

Yay for school ... and hopefully Mommy is taking advantage of her days out!!! Woah - check out that big girl carseat!

Sharla & Chase said...

Awesome that Bella is going to school! I love it! As for her new toy, we have the same one!!! Marqus' Speech Therapist brought it one day & he loved it, so for his birthday he bought it wth his birthday money.'s crazy, but he's TERRIFIED of the toy!!! :o(