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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The DIVA has arrived

That's right folks, princess Bella has officially become diva Bella. Chris and I knew that between the two of us, our precious daughter was going to have a good portion of attitude in her. WELL...little did we know to what extent. If she wants you to play with her, she screams at you until you sit next to her and she smiles that heart melting smile. If she is hungry, she makes sure you know her tummy is empty or you aren't moving the spoon fast enough. If she is tired, she fights going to sleep and throws her body around. If she wants to be left alone, she grunts and turns away from you. Up until roughly three weeks ago we had spoiled our daughter rotten. We know her new found independence and demands are partially our fault. To counteract that, we now spend quite a bit of time telling her "no" while she just smiles connivingly or shakes her head at us. Getting stern is then necessary to get the point across. After a few tears, it seems to sink in that there are certain things that little miss shouldn't do. But that doesn't mean she gives up trying!!! Ah, the joins of parenthood. Trying to be serious while laughing under your breath is not an easy trick to master.

Bella has been sick since starting day care, a small respiratory thing. Nothing a little antibiotic and breathing treatments didn't clear right up. It stinks, but she has to develop an immune system somehow. Parent's Day Out is going really well. She has warmed up to the teachers nicely and is comfortable being left there without mommy and daddy. It is so cute to see her get excited to see us in the afternoon. We are still struggling with walking. She doesn't want to spend time standing to get to the point of taking steps. Oddly enough her physical therapist pointed out the other day that it is her attitude that is holding her back. The PT noticed her behavior, identifying that she knows what she can get away with. Meaning that if she doesn't want to walk, she knows we are going to carry her. Now our practice is to walk her to the changing table, to her high chair, to her toys, pretty much every where. If this doesn't push her, we will have to start using different therapy devices (i.e. special walkers) to spur her towards walking.

We hope all of you are enjoying these early days of spring. Many blessings to you all!

This look means: FEED IT TO ME NOW!

This look means: SATISFACTION

This look means: Mommy sucked it up and did something nice for the man she loves!


lauren said...

I just love to picture her bossing the two of you around!! Yay for this being the month we get to celebrate Bella Day!!!

ellen marie said...

Hey Mrs.Delange!! What a cute post, i love the pictures!! Looks like she's doing well, miss you guys!!

Amanda said...

So so so cute!! Love to you all!