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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Bella Day 60

Hello All!!! The "chunky monkey" status is ever increasing. Bella is up 30grams tonight making her a whopping 1695g or 3lb 11.7oz. How awesome is that?!? Although she did gain weight, she is quite tired tonight. She had another eye exam today and it wore her out. Colleen explained to me everything they do during that exam and it isn't pretty. Not only do they dilate their eyes, they also prop them open and swab them with a q-tip...OUCH! It was obvious by her appearance and lack of constant fidgeting that she was worn down. Bella continues to do well on her cannula trials, most likely going to 4 hour periods tomorrow. The red ring around her mucous fistula only looks a little better. However, Colleen did notice something new tonight, a little white spot on the right side. Usually this indicates puss and an infection, but this area is very faint and not puss like. The NICU resident came over and was not concerned, that is until Colleen poked and it began to ooze. They called pediatric surgery to make a stop by to observe it. The resident felt like it was not grossly infected, that it really just seemed like a pocket of fluid. They went ahead with a culture anyway to be on the safe side. If anything grows in the next 48 hours they will probably give her an oral antibiotic. Otherwise they will continue to use the antibiotic ointment.

Something we have not shared yet. The pink "lolly-pop" in her mouth is a sponge swab that we dip in water to clean her mouth. The thing is it tastes like peppermint. She LOVES it!!! This is too cute, and I love doing it with her.


Parker's mom said...

Good Job Bella for doing so well! But a little advice to Machel and Chris...NEVER watch the eye exams! Leave the room when they do it. It is horrible, but supposedly worse for the parents then it is for the kids. But NEVER watch it!
Still praying for you all!
Mere, Parker & family

Michele said...

I just happen to come across your blog...Wow...brings back SO many memories of my little guy. When they tell you that the NICU is like a roller coaster, they weren't kidding! I am praying for your little miracle and cant wait for the day that I read she is breaking out of the NICU! LOL! Oh...the eye exams...yes...I watched every time they checked Kenny's...sometimes I wish I never saw half the stuff they did to him. Anyhow, I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

She looks so big! What a chunky monkey! I started laughing when I saw those pink sponges. Long story, but we use them in my classroom for our kids that have speech issues. When we touch their chin with it, it helps keep their mouth closed and to stop drooling. Anyway, a tid bit of info, lol :} Give her a hug from us!