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Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Bella Day 85

What is anyone really suppose to expect 36-48 hours after someone has abdominal surgery? Any parent wants their child to come through any type of surgery with flying colors. Last night it was relayed to us that Isabella may be coming off the ventilator this morning. Sure enough they weaned her fentanyl and vent setting to pull the tube at 9am this morning. Unfortunately that was too much stimulation for her at one time...less pain medication as well as having to breathe fully on her own. In the process Bella was not swaddled; she was left fairly exposed so that nurses could get to her very easy. Needless to say that made her course this morning rough, a lack of comfort on many levels. Bella struggled for a couple of hours after extubation with apnea and bradycardia. Luckily Mommy & Daddy got there just in time. We spent 6 hours today trying to relax her; reading her books, giving her kisses and just resting our hands on her. We also pointed out that she enjoys being swaddled or tucked in tightly, so they used a special blanket we had bought for her to bundle the princess in to rest. After this she has done much better. Her attentiveness is great, but she needs to sleep and fights it so much. The fentynal has been decreased quite a bit and tylenol has been added to the pain regimen. A caffeine bolus was given some time this afternoon to help stimulate her to breathe a little more. Her incision looks good without much oozing. All of this considered, Isabella is doing great after such a major procedure. The best news of all, SHE HAS BOWEL SOUNDS!!!

In the beginning of this venture you never think it could come to an end, now it is sneaking up on us. Each day has been a roller coaster ride, no matter how boring it might be. It is remarkable all that Baby Bella has gone through, everything our small family has experienced, and all the love and outreach that we have been blessed with. Bella has made it over (what we hope to be) her last hurdle, which means that Chris is going to be gone for another two weeks. I keep telling myself, "that just means we are almost home!"

Peace to all & God Bless!

Bella's White Board:


Anonymous said...

What an angel! She is such a trooper! I love the board and all of her "quirks" as I call them! Give her many hugs and kisses from us. One step closer to coming home to TEXAS :}


lauren said...

She is doing SO well and you guys are going to be going home SO soon ... and we are going to miss having you in C-ville!!! You do know that Bella has to come back to UVa for college, right? She is already a little Wahoo.

Jennifer said...

Such wonderful news, I pray that these days continue to bring improvements so that you can bring her home soon


PS Taco Cabana is a no-brainer but does she love Whataburger?

Andi said...

I am so happy that baby Bella is doing so well!!! Hopefully you guys will be back in Texas soon!