Isabella Danielle, born at 24 weeks and 1 day, 1lb 11oz, 12.5in

Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

Alexander Charles, FULL TERM, 7lb 1oz, 20in

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Bella Day 82

Today Bella had her laser procedure to correct her ROP. She did well and was very tired afterward. Dr. Carter said everything went well, but we won't know how successful it was for a couple of weeks.

Her reattachment surgery is tomorrow and she is 4th on the schedule. But we are going to be up there first thing in the morning to spend time with her before she goes to the OR. We were told that the surgery will last about 2 1/2 hours. We spoke to the surgeon and agreed not to take out her appendix because she has hydronephrosis. The appendix can actually be used if she has urinary problems or surgeries in the future. (Thank you Carla for the email!!)

We added another preemie blog to the right! We found out that Morgan, another micro-preemie at UVA who was born just a week before Bella, has a blog. Morgan also has a wonderful story to tell.

On a powerful note, we attended Ash Wednesday service and felt like the Lord was speaking to us. As father David started to read his gospel lesson, Machel and I instantly looked at each other. It was Matthew 6, the passage we read Bella every night for the first 5 weeks of her life. We have since read it ocassionally. But once we heard those words we were filled with joy and comfort. May the Lord bless you all and continue to bring you joy and peace.


Marilyn J said...

Glad you were able to attend Ash Wed services. I did the same. It is always inspiring. My thought is that Bella is doing so well because you are there for her and helping with her care so much. That has to be comforting for her and a constant in her day. More power to you. Have the Bella candle lit and saying prayers. LUV M

Shauna said...

Anxiously waiting to hear how the surgery went today (Thursday). Hope she came through with flying colors.