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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Bella Day 100 (Day 1 at home)

Sleep?!? Did someone say sleep? What is that? Did I do that at one time?

Daddy and I have been tending to Isabella plus some. It is so great to have her here at the apartment with us and we cannot stop looking at her. We occassionally get tears in our eyes just looking at her, realizing all she has been through and what it took for her to be so strong. We are both so blessed that we are in aw of what God has given us.

Isabella is doing very well, with the exception of quite a bit of gas. Other than that she is eating like a champ, keeping a good temperature, and sleeping when she feels like it. She has her first pediatrician appointment today. We don't expect anything out of the oridnary, hopefully just a brief assessment.

Oh, for those of you who are curious, we are staying in Virginia until March 31. We had set a tentative leave date of Easter weekend (at the latest), not knowing when all of her follow-up appointments were. We got all of the dates and times of follow-up the middle of last week and decided it was possible for us to go home earlier. Both of us are very excited and anxious to get settled in back home.

Best wishes to you, Peace & God Bless!


Marilyn J said...

Wonderful news that you are in the apt and will be coming home March 31st. At Bill's house yesterday for his BD celebration, Baby Emma and parents were there. She went home on Oct 31st. As usual, she was the center attraction and got held, fed and cooed at by everyone. She is doing well. I am looking forward to meeting Bella when she may be visiting Grandma. Much love, M

Candice said...

It is amazing how you learn to adjust to little/no sleep. And this from the person who went to bed at 9 p.m. whenever possible!! For what it's worth, I think that is a smart idea to go home sooner. The sooner you get home the sooner your "normal" life begins. Follow-up appointments are certainly important, but there are comparable doctors in Texas and you shouldn't have THAT many follow-ups after the inital few. Congrats again on having her home!

The Juarez Family said...

Sleep - oh girl you will get used to it - all of us do with kids! Amazing isn't it? I am happy to hear ya'll are doing ok at the apt. TEXAS is almost here, before you know it :}

Many prayers and hugs,

CAnderson said...

I see my prayers for normalcy are being answered! Maybe I should change my prayers this week to a "restful home"! :) Hang in there and be sure to catch a few zzz's when she decides to sleep.
Love and Prayers,