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Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Bella Day 105

Yesterday was daddy day!! I got to spend the entire day with the baby and took her to get an MRI. We enrolled her in a study and it comes with a free MRI, so we took advantage of it. Other than that, we just hung out and she is eating like a champ!! We are heading to the pediatrician today for a weigh in and to check her bilirubin levels. We will have another update this afternoon. Here are some pictures of our little precious angel!! God is great!! Thank you and God Bless.

The MRI was loud so I got some cute earmuffs!!

I am super cute, but sometimes I get fussy too, FEED ME!!!

This is when I am the most precious, too bad this doesn't last long enough for mommy and daddy to get good sleep!


Marilyn J said...

Good for you Dad. I love the Bella photos. She is getting so big. Not getting enough sleep is usually a condition of having a little baby in the house. God is Great! And Good. Bless you, love, M

Candice said...

So glad she is eating well for you guys. That is fantastic. I hope she keeps it up and you don't have to deal with a picky preemie like the one that currently resides in our house!

We did an MRI study too. Just a suggestion... we opted to not have them tell us what their interpretation of the MRI results were because (a) it didn't matter and we were going to stick to our plan of giving Rhys every therapy/help available to us and (b) they just don't know so there is no reason to potentially upset yourselves by listening to what they THINK she may or may not have issues with long term. Just my thoughts on that subject. Plus, if a doctor ever needs the MRI results they are always available for them later. Anyway, hope y'all enjoy the weekend with the baby. She will start sleeping more, and then she will become even more of the boss of the house and think she is just ready to call the shots! :o)

Candice said...
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Ashley said...

Chris and Machel--Bella is absolutely precious! I'm so happy that God blessed the two of you with a beautiful baby girl! She is such a little fighter! I pray that God will continue to wrap his healing arms around Bella and heal her with His Love!


The Juarez Family said...

Daddy and Daughters days are wonderful! Keep doing them - she will cherish that forever! As you will also :}


amyoutlaw said...

Wow, I just checked your blog. It's been awhile b/c SHE'S HOME! Congrats!
Love - Amy