Isabella Danielle, born at 24 weeks and 1 day, 1lb 11oz, 12.5in

Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

Alexander Charles, FULL TERM, 7lb 1oz, 20in

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Bella Day 88

Isabella is really starting to fill out. When I went to visit her last night I couldn't believe how plump her face looked. As it should considering SHE IS 5lb. 5oz.!!! I couldn't believe it when we weighed her last night, we even did it three times. Neither Chris or I thought it was possible, so I asked the resident what he thought. He said it was totally fine, that she sounded good and didn't have any fluid build up any where. The IV situation has gotten a little better. Before yesterday nurses had tried two IVs in her head, the problem was they were right next to her forehead. What they didn't take into consideration when they placed those is that she crinkles her forehead a lot. They finally found a straight vein on the left side of her head that has lasted. So no central line for now. If she can keep this IV long enough some of the other spots might be able to heal. Bella also had two bowel movements today and they upped the Pedialite to 10mL. They even tried to give her the Pedialite in a bottle and she did pretty well. There was also a follow up eye exam this afternoon. I don't think Dr. Carter really poked at her eyes too much because they were not as swollen this evening as they normally are. But the prognosis from the nurse was that so far so good on the eyes. Other good news is that she is now in a bassinet. She has maintained her temperature pretty well, so I got to help switch her to a big girl bed tonight. She made the funniest expressions when first getting in the bassinet. The look on her face said, "this is odd!" Then Daddy sent a voicenote for the baby girl to say he loved her...she also made a funny face at Daddy!!!

Oh, I have done a really bad job of THANKING everyone that has sent Bella gifts in the last month. She got an adorable hand knitted hat from Jo Kraft. My Aunt Carol sent a huge box full of goodies, including this absolutely precious ring that says PRINCESS with a crown on it (tried to take picture but the ring is so tiny). And Rebecca has given her several outfits and a set of incredible receiving blankets. Then there is nurse Pam that crocheted this amazing blanket, in one night, out of yarn I bought her. Our girl already has a killer wardrobe and some fine linens to boot.

Enjoy the pictures. Peace & God Bless!


CAnderson said...

I am so happy to hear all the great news. As always...
Love and Prayers,

lauren said...

Looks and sounds like she is feeling great ... and doing SO incredibly well!! The doctors and nurses must be SO impressed!

Katie Starkey said...

She looks AWESOME!

mommyof5pinkys said...

I'm so happy to hear she is doing so good. I have a set of twins that were born at 24 wks. They are now 16 months old. Both were born w/bleeds. My biggest had surgery for the PDA, surgery on her intestines, and 5 surgeries on her head. She has a shunt. My little one had the eye surgery for ROP. I found you through Kayleigh's blog. I've followed her since before she was born. I just wanted say keep up the good work and before you know it she will be home. I will keep yaw in my prayers good luck and God Bless.

Parker's mom said...

Bella really is "pudging" out! She looks great! And yay for the big girl open crib! That really is a big step closer to the door.
Mere, Parker & family