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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Bella Day 103

Our little angel is so amazing!! Being a parent is incredible. Machel and I sit and stare at our beautiful little miracle and thank the Lord for answering our prayers. It is so much fun watching her sleep, make cute faces, eat and my favorite is watching her grunt and her head turn red as she poops!! It is so funny!! She is so curious and loves looking around. She loves laying on her little playmat and looking at all of the neat Baby Einstein toys. She loves hearing us talk and music, she absolutely loves music, we have bought her some CDs already. She is such a wonderful baby and we are so thankful to the Lord, thankful for such wonderful family and friends and thankful that she is such an amazing little fighter!!

So we went to the Pediatrician on Monday and she lost 1 oz, but no big deal. Everything else looks great. She is eating very well, about 50-60ml every 3 hours. Her poop looks very good and she pooped twice during the doctor visit!! Then we took her to the NICU and Bella got to see a bunch of the nurses and doctors who took care of her. It was really strange "visiting" the NICU from the outside. But so great seeing all of the nurses and doctors, they have been so fantastic!! We really will miss it here! The following day we saw Dr. Carter, her opthamologist, he said her eyes looked great and it appears that the surgery was a success. She is still at a high risk for needing glasses and having some minor sight issues, but it appears that the major risks are behind us!! Tomorrow we have an MRI and Friday a nurse visit at the pediatricians for a weight check and to check her bilirubin levels.

Here are some pictures of our baby girl in clothes that were given to us by Carla, thanks!! (She has so many great clothes from so many of you, thank you!! My fellow COP class of 2002, we all started working at COP at the same time, sent an unbelievable package of really cute outfits!! Thank you so much!!! And Machel has already bought her several cute dresses, we will definately be taking more pictures for you all to see her in these adorable outfits!!) So here are the pictures!! Love you all and God bless!!


lauren said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

KCWoodhead said...

Those little outfits are sooooo cute! I am so happy to see your family so happy and healthy!

CAnderson said...

Just Precious!
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Oh yea - better watch out - she is gonna be a heart breaker when she grows up! Beautiful pics and great progress! You GO BELLA!


Debbie said...

She is precious. God is good! Best wishes traveling home.