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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Baby Bella Day 27

Everyone compares the stay at the NICU to a rollercoaster, well today we rode the coaster all in one day. When we arrived in the morning she was not doing all that great. She had desated and was on high O2 levels for her, around 50%. Her heart rate was a bit elevated and she did not seem to be comfortable. Her tummy was a little more swollen and we were concerned. During rounds they went over her vitals and suggested that her ET tube be changed out. She has grown considerably in the last month and she has a leak that has become bigger. They were hoping this would help out her breathing. She is also fluctuating a lot in her O2 saturation levels because of the PDA. She was also running a slight fever. We just want to see her stable and are quite worried about her bowels. On a positive note she did have a small amount of poop come out of her stoma. So we left so that they could tend to her and change her ET tube. We got back to the apartment and Machel crashed, she slept for 2 hours, then she woke up pumped and we went back up to the NICU with my mom.

When we got up there, Bella was significantly improved!! Her O2 levels were much lower in the 20s and her tummy looked much better. Taylor changed her diaper and she had more poop come out of the stoma!! Her overall color and demeanor was much better, more responsive. It was very strange to see her in a single day have all of those changes. We were so relieved! So I did what I always do, I took a bunch of pictures.

Here is our baby in the afternoon, Taylor also took a photo with Machel, my mom and I looking at Bella.


lauren said...

I'm glad Bella's first day of the New Year is ending on a positive note (sounds like she appreciates having a bigger ET tube).

Oh the rollercoaster ride ... it's awful ... but you can't have a baby in the NICU without having to ride it … I think it’s an unwritten rule.

In addition to the aforementioned and proverbial, “It’s a Rollercoaster Ride” – here are a few more comments that, if we heard them once, we heard them a thousand times …
"Take one day at a time."
"You’re going to have good days and bad days."
“Two steps forward, one step back.”
"Watch your baby, not the monitor(s)."
“Make sure you take care of yourself.”
“Get some sleep.”
… I’m sure there are more you (or others) can/will add!

Anyway, Happy 2009 … and here’s to lots of “Good Days.”

Marilyn J said...

Sorry to read about the rollercoast ride. Visited with your Mom and the Capps yesterday at the L&L campground. Nice group of people, wonderful to visit and be outdoors. Ate black-eyed peas.
Watched the river go by. My prayers for you ask for strength for you and Bella. I know He is there for you. And your support team is always there too. Much love, Marilyn

Andi said...

Hey Guys, sorry about the bad morning, but thank goodness Bella impproved! She is such a little trooper!

Candice said...

Happy New Year Delange Family! I have to say Lauren hit on everything I remember being told and everything she said is oh so true. There is a universal NICU language shared by every one no matter where your baby is. Stay positive!

I hope Bella continues to enjoy the Zaki, Rhys was always more comfortable with his. I hope Bella's ligation goes smoothly on Monday. Rhys was one day from his surgery and a last minute EKG revealed a "small, trivial" PDA vs. the "large" PDA previous found so the doctors opted to postpose the surgery. His PDA eventually closed on its own which was such a refief since it caused so much trouble with his lungs. We pray for Bella's speedy recovery so she can be a chunky monkey like Rhys and get home with you guys!