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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Baby Bella Day 30

Well today was rather uneventful until Bella got some visitors. Bella is slowly moving along getting bigger and just waiting until tomorrow morning. The big news at rounds was that she has continued to poop, so they put on an ostemy bag in the afternoon. Machel's coworkers from Seguin flew in this afternoon and came to visit Bella on their way to the plant close by. Jennifer and David came by and got to spend some time with baby Bella. In fact, while they were visiting, Bella got her ostemy bag. She also opened her eyes and was very squirmy. Then we went to church and dinner with David and Jennifer. It was a lot of fun just hanging out with friends and having some laughs.

Well tonight, we got to visit with Baby Bella for over 2 hours. Machel held her for nearly 2 hours and we got to visit with Colleen again. She went over the surgery again with us and is just a great nurse! We are really concerned for our little angel, but after getting to spend so much time with her tonight we feel better. We will be up at the hospital tomorrow morning at 530 before her surgery to spend some time with her. She is scheduled to have the surgery at 7am, but could be bumped for an emergency case that we found out about tonight. If that happens she might not have the surgery until 9 or 10am. Either way the surgery is in the morning and should only take about 15 minutes with about 1.5 hours of prep time before and after the surgery.

Lord, please watch over our precious little angel and continue to fill her with your love and spirit. Thank you for all of the joy you have brought into our life. Thank you for all the beauty and love that you bring to this world.
From Bella: I was awake and alert when mommy came to hold me tonight! Daddy took lots of pictures and I had my eyes open and wanted to see my parents! Then I slept on mommy for almost 2 hours, it was AWESOME!!!


Amber said...

She is just such a precious gift from God. I love to see the updated pictures every night. I will be praying for Bella tonight and tomorrow as she undergoes the PDA litigation procedure. She has God, prayers, and such wonderful loving parents that will help her get through this procedure with flying colors. I am glad that she is doing well and that she continues to get bigger and stronger everyday. God is good and He and his mighty angels will be in the NICU tomorrow as she has this procedure done. This is the next step so she can come off the vent and start to progress all the way back to Texas. We love you guys

Amber, Brian, and Aubrey

Andi said...

I am sure the surgery will go very smoothly and I will keep baby Bella in my thoughts and prayers this morning!

KCWoodhead said...

I hope all is well this morning! Praying hard for Bella here in Houston.

She looks wonderful in the pics and has gotten soooo big!

The Babel Family said...

All Bella's owies have just been kissed by Trenleigh. She just asked while we reading and looking at all the new pics if she could make all her owies feel better, and I asked how she was going to do that? She replied " like this mommy, with kisses". She then kissed her hand and touched all bellas owies. From one miracle to another. Our prayers and love,
Brad, Tyra and Trenleigh