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Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Bella Day 42

Daddy got to come and see his girls!!!!!!!! I got in at 10pm tonight and was greeted with surprises!! Bella has been moved to G pod. She is one of the most stable newborns and even though she is not quite ready for transition there was an emergency. Triplet preemies and 2 more little ones were all delivered today, so they moved our constantly growing girl out of the most intensive area. She is breathing really well, it looks like the up and down breathing episodes are behind her. She is growing into the equipment better allowing her to breathe better. (I am so sorry that Machel had to go through last week without me, thank you Lord for giving her the strength) It was so amazing just sitting there watching her and touching her again!!! I missed her so much!!! Well Machel and I hung out with Colleen and Bella for an hour and a half and then came to the apartment. But before we left we got to pray together as a family again, it felt so serene and wonderful to be there with my family thanking the Lord for all that has been given to us!!

Thank you all for all of the well wishes and prayers, may God bless you and your family!


Mark and Rebecca said...

Congrats on the pod change, One step closer to the door. I am truely amazed at Bella's progress! It's been less than a month and a half....she's off the vent, off TPN, and almost three pounds. Wow!!! I know it seems like time comes to a crawl when you have a baby in ICU, but stay strong, you will all be home together before you know it. Keep up the good work sweet baby! We love you.

CAnderson said...

She is such a miracle! I am so glad that you guys are back together for the weekend; enjoy!
Kaitlyn wanted me to tell you that she has been praying for Bella and that she can't wait to "play" with her. Everyday, she looks at the pictures of Bella and then she likes me to report Bella's progress; especially her weight. Then, Kaitlyn compares the pictures of Bella to herself in the NICU. She has so much sympathy for Bella, it's almost like she remebers her NICU stay. I know she doesn't, but I guess because of all the stories she has heard, she thinks she remembers; it's really very sweet.
As always, love and prayers,