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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Bella Day 40

Thank goodness today has been better!!! I called last nights nurse about 6am just to make sure that Isabella had a good night. She informed me that her oxygen ranged between 42-46% throughout the night, the CBC from yesterday morning came back normal, and her blood gases were also good. I was so relieved!

I got to the hospital as early as I could and found the angel doing even better than reported to me this morning. Bella was at 35% and hisating...she also had prongs in her nose...all of a sudden they fit! Ellen was standing by and told me that was making a huge difference with her. By the time I left her to run errands, she was down to 25% and doing splendidly.

Rounds came late this afternoon; luckily I was still in the unit. Ellen highlighted that they did switch her from the biphasic CPAP to nasal CPAP and she is doing much better. Bella's x-ray this morning was improved. Ellen pointed out that her lung sounds are great and that she felt like the biphasic was causing too much obstruction. Bella has also responded well to the theophyllin they started yesterday. She has not had any apnea in a day and a half, but continues to have bradycardia episodes. I asked why that is. Dr. K said that she doesn't like her NG (feeding tube), she has pulled it out twice since yesterday, and this can cause a vagel response that leads to a decreased heart rate. He also mentioned that 2-3 of these episodes a day is normal for a preemie. I just wanted to stress that it was happening to make them aware...I don't think that the nurses have been emphasizing the bradycardia. And even though the little monkey has been eating like crazy, up to 13mL a feed, her labs show that her chloride was low, which means they will most likely need to start putting an additive with my milk. I asked if there was something I could eat to help, unfortunately there isn't.

Here are pictures for Daddy!!!

Me covering my ears from all the noises!

Me chewing on my fingers...I was trying to suck my thumb!


Amber said...

She is just so cute and she has gotten so much bigger. I am sure Chris is sad that he is not getting to see her everyday but the pics are a plus for him and us too. I am so glad that they tried something new with the CPAP and that it is working better and she is having a good day. A good day for her is a good day for you I am sure. It is not uncommon that sometimes they have to fortify breast milk for preemies, sometimes they need the extra nutrients for their growing body. Well I hope you guys are doing well.

Take care and god bless,
Amber, Brian, and Aubrey

Amy B. said...

Bella's so precious! I'm glad to hear that she's doing better today!

The Juarez Family said...

Chewing on her fingers - too adorable! I am glad you had a better day with little angel! My prayers are with you all everyday! Miss you!