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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Baby Bella Day 29

Well today started out late, we slept in. And when we got up to the NICU it was a little sad, Grandma Nana and Grandpa Papi were driving back this afternoon. So Nana and Papi spent a lot of time with baby Bella. They read to her and then had to say goodbye.

Baby Bella is doing ok, she had been desating some overnight, but not too bad. Her x-ray was not very clear and her tummy still looked full and one of the stitches in the middle of the belly looked like it was slightly coming apart. When they came around and did rounds they were a little more concerned about her than yesterday. Her belly sounds didn’t sound so good, her x-ray was fuzzy (it was kind of inconclusive and still showed the inflamed piece of bowel) and she seemed to be fluctuating more than normal on her O2 saturation levels because of her PDA. So we were concerned about our little girl. It almost seems like everyone, including Bella, is just hanging out and waiting for the ligation surgery on Monday. The nurses and doctors have reiterated to us that she will probably get worse after the ligation before she gets better. I think we both are just ready for the surgery to get here so that Bella can get better and start getting bigger.

We went and visited her later in the afternoon and really not much had changed. She was doing pretty well, but her O2 saturation still had some wide fluctuations. She also had not pooped since yesterday and we were wondering if the gut stimulation milk feedings were going ok or not. We kind of wanted to leave her alone, because when we read to her she seemed to be irritated. She would desat when we started reading to her, so we just sat at her bedside and were a little discouraged. Many of you know me pretty well and when I am frustrated I usually go and workout or play soccer or basketball. I have not had that outlet here, so poor Machel has to put up with me and all of my pent up frustration and fear that is not being released through my normal stress relieving sport activities. She’s been great, putting up with me bouncing off of the walls!

Then we went back at night to say high to Colleen and say good night to our little girl. Well, it turned out to be great!! We arrived at around 930 and Colleen had not done care on her yet. Bella had been on her tummy and she was doing really well, but whenever she was messed with she would become irritated and desat. So when we got there, we got to help out with her care. First, Colleen suctioned Bella and cleaned up her mouth and the ET tube area. Then, Machel took her temperature and Colleen changed her. Machel and I high fived immediately, she had a large amount of poop come out of the stoma, more than we had ever seen! We were way excited, her stomas looked good, but her belly still looks a little full. Then, I got to help weigh her, which means I got to pick her up repeatedly and hold her. She gained another ounce!! She is becoming a cute little chunky monkey!! She is starting to put some meat on her bones. Colleen wanted to change her bed linens, so I said I could help by holding Bella. It was great I held her for only 2 minutes or so, but it was amazing and felt like an hour!! She was squirmy at first and then just settled into my hands and seemed really happy. I was overcome with joy!! Finally, Machel gave the little princess her first manicure! Her little finger nails were growing fast and we were worried that she would scratch her face or eyes. She loves putting her hands around her head and eyes all the time.

After such an eventful evening we stayed and talked to Colleen for a little over an hour. She is so amazing and really cares for her babies and their families. We are so fortunate to have her as one of our nurses!! Well enough rambling, now some pictures of our precious little angel!! Thank you Lord for such an amazing gift!!

From Bella:
Mommy & Daddy went camera happy on me again tonight! Here is the eventful night I had while Colleen was giving me care.
Daddy was super excited that I had my eyes he got camera happy as usual!

Daddy got to hold me quite a bit tonight (for weighing and linen change) and I really liked it !

Then Mommy and I had our first mani session as she filed my nails!
(they were so long they had cotton stuck to them this afternoon)


Amber said...

She is such a precious gift from God. What a cute little family and I am glad you are getting to participate in Isabella's care. I am praying for her surgery on Monday and I know it will go well. I think this will make a big difference in her O2 levels and will make her more stable in the long run. I am glad they are preparing you for what is to come but God will help Isabella get through this with flying colors. Cute pictures from tonight. Always be picture happy you can never capture too many pictures of your little angel.
Take care and God bless,

Parker's mom said...

YAY BELLA on the poop! Who would have thought you would get so excited over poop? But it's a great sign! She definitely looks bigger. She is so beautiful I would take a million pictures too! Still praying for you all.
Mere, Parker and family

Anonymous said...

She just gets more adorable everyday! I am so proud of you three; ya'll have tremendous faith and I know ya'll will get through this as a family! My prayers are with you on a daily basis!

Much love,

CAnderson said...

Bella is looking so "big". I love, love, love all the pics! Especially the ones with her eyes open; she looks so alert. We are praying that her surgery is uneventful and for a speedy recovery. We love you guys!