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Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Bella Day 49

She was doing much better today!! They removed her PICC line today, she is eating like a big girl, she's breathing much better, she was more active when she was awake and she looks pinker and healthier! We are so excited and proud of her!! The Lord continues to fill our little angel with love and the fighting spirit. She is up to 3lbs 3ozs, she is looking longer and chunkier to us everyday! Machel was going to hold her tonight, but decided not to because of her A & B episodes yesterday. We want her to get stronger, but tomorrow night Machel plans to hold her and snuggle up with her.
She is so amazing!! We weighed her today and they briefly took her off of CPAP and she stayed in the high 90s for the entire 5 minutes!! Mom even took a bunch of pictures of her without her headgear on. I would've taken them, but I love to hold her and weigh her, it's the little things that are so fantastic in life!! We are so blessed and so thankful for every minute that we get to spend with her. I can't wait to bring her home and have her sleeping in her bassonnet by our bed. I want to wake up every morning with her by our side and go to sleep every night after I've tucked her in. I am so happy when I get to hold her, touch her or just watching her. There really is no other feeling like it and it is so amazing watching her grow right before our eyes! It has been 7 weeks already and she still wasn't due for another 9 weeks!! Well here is our beautiful baby girl, enjoy the pics!!


Amber said...

She looks so good, and it is great to see her up close and personal without the head gear on. I hope you guys are doing well and that you are hanging in there. She is improving every day and even though she may have some scary moments she is able to resolve them and keep fighting on. Praise God for all his blessings. I know you guys are looking forward to taking her home and getting to love on her all the time. This day is coming soon.

Take care,


Mark and Rebecca said...

It's awesome to see pictures of her off the CPAP(even for a little while) and to hear that they have pulled the PIC line. She is such a beautiful little girl! She looks bigger with each week and as you said pink and healthy. We continue to pray for you all, and for a renewed strength for the weeks ahead.

Parker's mom said...

Bella is SOO beautiful with out the head gear! She is beautiful with it but it is so nice to see her without the CPAP! (even just for a few minutes) I am happy to hear she is still doing so well! Still praying up here in Pa! Mere, Parker & family

Anonymous said...

OMG She is so cute! It is amazing what a little trooper she is! Growing like a weed! Give her a kiss from us; many prayers!