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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baby Bella Day 15

Well all is stable today, they reiterated that the ultrasounds look good and that she is reabsorbing the fluid in her belly and the small amounts of blood in her brain. The chest x-rays still show no air in the bowels, but they are hoping that she continues to do well and then they are going to do an upper GI contrast dye to see if the perforation is sealed and to make sure she doesn't have any blockage. She looks good, and everything is stable, except for her O2 levels are up a little but they are still in the upper 20% range. Also, the DRs said the PDA sounded louder today and that ligation might be a good option, but she is doing so well with everything, they want to wait a little bit to see if she can clear it up herself. She is sleeping a lot and really doesn't like to be messed with. I am attaching some photos I took today, the nurses were changing out her stabilizer, so you can see a little of her face without the big white stabilizer in the way. Thank you all for the comments and prayers, we continue to stay strong and every piece of positive news fills us with great joy!! Hopefully soon she will be eating mom's milk again!!


Marilyn J said...

Glad to hear things are going well. And that you had a good visit from Kyle. And a dinner out. You are always in my thoughts. I told Kathy to let me know if she wanted me to help with the dogs. Josh and I can play with them in the back yard maybe. Also it's great that you have the church down the street. Know that Baby Bella and you are in our prayers always. Much love, M

Amber said...

She looks amazing and I am so glad to hear things are going well. Brian and I have something to send to you could you email me at to let me know where to send it. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Aubrey says "Hi, baby Belba" (that is what he calls her)


The Juarez Family said...

She is so adorable! It is such a miracle how well she is doing! Prayer is so powerful!


lauren said...

Okay ... I am amazed that I just found your blog ... I think God led me to it.

My daughter was born at 23 weeks in December 2005 … and she was in the UVa NICU!! We absolutely adore the doctors and nurses there. In fact, we were just there on Wednesday to visit for Abby’s 3rd birthday!

Anyway, here is Abby’s website if you would like to check it out – – I’m sure you will see many familiar faces.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line … we live right here in Charlottesville, so if you ever want to have a coffee (or meet Abby) or something, just let me know!

Thinking about you guys and praying for little miss Bella! !

~ Lauren

PS – If you think about it, please tell everyone we said hello!!!

Parker's mom said...

YAY Bella!!!! What a good girl behaving yourself! Keep up the good work. As for you guys, my best advice is keep doing what you are doing! Love her and never lose faith in our awesome God! And as a mommmy of a mirco preemie...I can tell she is filling out! She is beautiful. Praying for you as always!