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Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Bella Day 5 Continued

Good evening all! Today was another peak and valley day. Bella's vitals throughout the day looked good, but this evening she had some low points. Her oxygen absorption kept dipping affecting her breathing for at least 45 minutes (yet it seemed so much longer). They were able to determine the problem and fix it, but it had already caused her to tire. It is obviously going to take her some time to recover. They were trying to ween her off the ventilator all day in hopes of taking her off tomorrow; we will have to see what the doctors decide during rounds tomorrow. She has also had several 3 hour feeds, which is great...but she has not passed anything thing and some of the feeding has remained in her tummy. They have decided to give her medicine to help with the bowel movement. She is taking one day at a time and facing each challenge head on. We know she is going to have struggles with such a tiny body, but we know with love and strength she will continue to be a fighter.

All of you continue to be such great friends and support. Even though we are so far away from everyone, it feels that we have all of you in our hearts. Thank you for the prayers, the calls, the emails, and the postings. Every message we get from you in any way is very appreciated and deeply meaningful. God Bless you all!

Dear heavenly father, thank you for another day. Thank you for four blessed days. We continue to be strong in your hands. We continue to be guided by your son Jesus Christ. We know that through you all things are possible. We trust in your divine plan and we believe in your love. Thank you for all the professional staff and continue to guide them in the glorious work they provide, they are truly amazing souls. Please be with all the families of the NICU and watch over them. In your name we pray, Amen!


Amber said...

These highs and lows happen especially since they are going to try and remove her from the ventilator soon. Keep your faith strong and remember the end result is worth it all.

Found a little prayer that I wanted to share with you:

Our Gracious Heavenly Father, thank
you for this precious child that you have
given this family.
Lord, we know from your Word that you
never leave us or forsake us.
We call upon your name for comfort in
our hour of need for you are our strength, our refuge, and we seek
peace in this time of uncertainty.
Our hearts are overwhelmed
with fear and doubt.
You, Lord, are the Great Healer.
We ask that you pour out your great
healing power on this precious little
lamb of yours.
Bless and keep this little one
surrounded with your abundant love and
mercy. This is the prayer of our hearts.
We ask these things in the precious
name of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Get some rest and I will talk with you soon.

Amber and Brian Hoberg

Chris and Machel said...

Amber & Brian, Thank you so much for all of your encouraging words. Amber, I have always trusted your medical knowledge and it helps to hear you say certain things. I want everyone to be as upfront and honest about what is happening with Bella as possible. I often feel overwhelmed with emotion, especially seeing all the "firsts" and just pondering how they are going to treat it and if it is fixable. We have a preemies book that is helpful. As long as I know statistics and commonalities, I am okay. I know God is our Healer. I know he has us in his hands, especially Bella. Love all three of you, give Aubry a kiss for us!