Isabella Danielle, born at 24 weeks and 1 day, 1lb 11oz, 12.5in

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Bella Day 18

Please pray for our little angel. This morning we received the call that you do not want to get. She had a rough morning and was not breathing well, her blood pressure was low and they had to switch her from the ventilator to an oscillator. Her breathing stabilized, but her belly grew and hardened. The upper GI fluid was blocked in her bowel at a point and it appears that she has an obstruction in her bowel. Surgery was called and after examining her they concluded that a laparotomy was the best course of action. They prepped Bella for surgery and we got to walk down to the OR with her. Dr. McGharen is going to operate on her and remove the obstructed bowel. The incision will be horizontal along her belly and allow them to do a little bit of exploration too. They want to make sure they get the problem fixed. So we are now waiting and praying. I am so thankful that Machel got to hold her yesterday, because it is likely that we won't get to hold her now for a long time. The surgery will need a follow up surgery later to reattach the bowels (6-8 weeks later). We are praying that the Lord is watching over her and uses his healing hand to help our baby girl pull through this procedure. God bless everyone. -Chris

I am so thankful I got to hold my baby girl yesterday. There is not much that can describe the feeling of having her on my chest. Feeling her chest move, having her little hand gently lay on my chest, and seeing how stable she was and peaceful. I was completely in awe of being blessed to have her on me; don't think I have been so relaxed in years. There was a sereneness to it that is amazing. And with so many other things that have happened on this journey so far, I definitely know God had his hand in letting Colleen be so convincing yesterday morning. He gave me my Christmas present early and for that I am so truly thankful. I am also thankful for the swiftness as to which all the medical staff moving with all that happened during the night and this morning. They promptly called us at 4:45am to let us know about the change in vent. Then they called just as we were leaving to see her about her bowels. By the time we got to her bedside Dr. McGahren was already there and prepping everything to go. All of the doctors monitored her very closely prior to our arrival and even afterward. And then there is Jen...she did an unbelievable job of preparing everything and paying attention to detail with our angel. All of our nurses have been so kind and knowledgeable...they are truly gifted and special souls. Even though Chris and I are sad and scared, we are so grateful for everything that God has given us and the medical attention that he has granted Bella the privilege of having. We have prayed many, many times this morning and I know I feel comforted in his hands. Please pray all that you can for Isabella today and in the days to come. The next few days will be hard for her. We know that she feels all of the love and kindness that so many of our friends and family from around the world are sending her. Our family is truly blessed to have all of you in our lives. Peace be with you on this day and in the days to come. -Machel


lauren said...

We are praying so hard for you and your precious girl right now!!

Dr. McGahren is great. He is SO good at what he does - he followed Abby VERY closely after her bowel surgery. Between God and the UVa staff, your little Bella could not be in better hands!



KCWoodhead said...

Prayers coming to you from Houston as well...she is a little fighter and just wanted another chance to prove it to you.

Marilyn J said...

Am saying prayers. Will tell you that Baby Emma had that surgery and did well. I am sure Bella will too, but I know it is a trying time for you. And for her no doubt. Love and Prayers, Marilyn

amyoutlaw said...

Praying for her! Update the blog as soon as you know something.