Isabella Danielle, born at 24 weeks and 1 day, 1lb 11oz, 12.5in

Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

Alexander Charles, FULL TERM, 7lb 1oz, 20in

Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Bella is 2 weeks old!!

We are so happy and blessed to have been given such a precious little gift from above. Isabella is doing well and continues to be stable. She is waiting for an ultrasound and further evaluation by Dr. McGarhen. She has gained some weight again and is back up to 1lb 12.5oz, she has been on primarily 21-23% O2 and seems to be very stable. She has been sleeping a little more but she still squirms and moves around a lot. She is so cute, the nurses say she is a little princess and gets her way. If she is tucked in and she doesn’t like her position, she kicks and squirms until she is in a position she likes. This makes me laugh and I see that she is just like her parents. They will tuck her in and place little straps around her to try and simulate the womb and give her a restrictive space, then she kicks her giant feet out and moves her long legs around and tosses her arms around until she breaks loose. Then she somehow wiggles out of her diaper, pees the bed and then will continue to move until she is changed and cleaned up. Yesterday, she peed the bed twice! They call her the little Houdini, it is so cute. She is so little and so frail and yet has this enormous spirit and personality already, she makes me smile!!
Well today we spent almost 6 hours straight up at the hospital. We were at her bedside, mom had to go breast pump, we waited for rounds, spoke with the doctors. She is doing well, and they ordered the follow up head ultrasound to check the small bleeding she had. I had completely forgotten about that, given the stomach and PDA problems I had forgotten that the 2 week follow up was here. Then the nurse practitioner said that it was more difficult to hear the heart murmur caused by the PDA which means that the little one is fighting and might be closing it up. Her Bowels still don't sound like the are functioning properly, but they are going to continue to wait and see, as long as her vitals remain good.
Then we went to lunch and waited around for Machel's boss Kyle to arrive. He was not far away for business and he wanted to come in and see us and Isabella. He is such a nice man and it was so amazing for him to drive here to visit us. Machel's coworkers sent some goodies too, some cookies and cards and candy canes. We are so very thankful to everyone for their generosity and kindness and most of all for the prayers! Well we took Kyle up to see Isabella and the nurse was changing her bed because she had just committed another Houdini act!! I tell you what, I think it's funny now, but in 5 months when she is at home doing this, I will probably not think it is nearly as cute!! So Kyle got to see our little girl, and being the show off that she is, she opened her eyes to say hi to Kyle and us. Then she fussed and kicked and squirmed a little until she got comfy. We ended up talking with Kyle at her bedside for at least an hour. He was so very kind and you can see that he genuinely cares about his employees and friends and family. After the visit Kyle left and we finally came up to the apartment. Today was a very good day, I really enjoyed being at her side the entire day and just being close to her. Thank you Lord for this amazing gift you have given us, she is a very special blessing!!

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Jodi said...

A very special blessing indeed. Olivia had the same fighting spirit. . .I think that is what they need to get them through. I pray for you guys every day