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Zachary Michael, born at 36 weeks, 5lb 13oz, 18.5in

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Bella day 6 evening

We got a very sweet post from a woman that we don't even know today. It is splendid how many people have reached out to our family. We have reason to continue to thank all of our friends and family, but it is truly special that so many of you have moved us through numerous prayer chains. Candice mentioned that we should celebrate even the little success. Tonight I want to celebrate the staff detecting the PDA and treating it promptly. Chris's parents arrived safely around 6pm and we immediately took them to see their granddaughter. During this visit Bella was stable and peaceful. Then after dinner, Chris and I made our nightly trip to tuck our baby girl in, read her bible verses, and a bed time story. Once again, Bella was stable and peaceful...even on little oxygen with good saturation. Jackie, her nurse for the evening (who happens to be pregnant as well and in her 35th week, may God continue to keep her strong), had put Bella on her stomach. She seems to like that position the best. Jackie even mentioned that it is good for them because, believe it or not, it helps their lungs expand. So from this success of peaceful slumbers and stable vitals I take away the simple pleasures of life as well as the peace within each soul. God truly is great and guiding us each second of the day.

My mom is leaving tomorrow. She has been here since Saturday and been a tremendous help. As many of you know, she is my best friend. The love and bond she and I share is abundant. Without her being here, things would have been much more stressful for us. She was able to help with so many little things and even provide some comic relief (we have a new inside joke for her that will carry on the rest of our lives). I can only pray that I am able to be an ounce of the mother she is. God has given her many successes in life and she has even been presented with many struggles. She uses all parts of her being along with lessons from her life to be an inspiration to Chris and me.

Dear Lord, thank you for another brilliant day. Thank you for letting our family join together tonight and for safe travels. Please watch over mom as she travels home tomorrow. Lord, thank you for the detection of the PDA and the medicine to treat it. Please continue to provide Isabella with strength and courage to use this medicine to close the necessary valve that will benefit her respiratory functions. Please continue to watch over the UVA NICU and thank you for all the miracles that come out of this facility each day. In Jesus Christ's name, AMEN!!!


Jennifer said...

Chris and I will be praying for you all and Baby Bella daily. Got your blog from Amanda.

Amber said...

Machel and Chris:

What a remarkable post. I am so glad that your mom and Chris's parents have been able to share this wonderful joyous occasion with you all. Your little girl is precious in every way and I just cannot stop thinking and praying for her. I sit here and look at my son and wish every parent in the world the same rewards that I receive daily. I know Isabella has changed your life and for that you will be such amazing parents. She is truly lucky to have such devoted and faithful servants of God as parents that see His presence daily in her healing.
As for the PDA it is fairly common in premature infants and I have known many infants that have suffered from PDA, some preterm and some fullterm, that have had great success with medications. She will do amazing I know by the grace of God she will be healed and move on to the next phase of her remarkable recovery.

Tell your mom have a safe trip back and Pearl really misses her (but I think she loves us too!!)