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Monday, December 22, 2008

Bella Day 17

A glorious day of firsts!!

The day started off very early. Colleen, her night nurse the very first night and she has been Bella's night nurse every Friday, Saturday and Sunday since, was on duty last night and we left while she was attending to another little girl here at the NICU. We were unable to say goodbye and Merry Christmas to her last night, so we woke up at 5:45 this morning and ventured out in the 18 degree weather to say goodbye to Colleen who has the next 2 weeks off. So when we arrived Colleen was super excited to see us and we were excited that Beautiful Bella had a very good night. Her belly looked better, her color looked good and she was breathing very well. So Colleen asks Mommy Machel if she wants to Kangaroo her little angel. OF COURSE!!! Mommy replies!! So as an early Christmas present Machel got to hold our precious little one. They brought a recliner for her to sit in and 3 different nurses helped transport Bella onto mom's chest. Machel was glowing with excitement and anticipation, she was absolutely beaming!! Then they placed Bella on her chest and instantly mommy and baby were as one. They looked so relaxed together, so at peace, and I was a happy mess!! I had the camera and was snapping away!! I was so excited for Machel, I am sure she will blog about it later. I sat right next to them and was so happy to see my two girls hugging for the first time. THANK YOU LORD!!

After this we were very tired and went and had breakfast and then napped until almost 2!! When we returned to her bedside they had already done rounds and started the upper GI. We were there just in time to see them take an x-ray to track the fluid. It was moving down her bowels, slowly, but steadily and appeared to be going to its final destination, her poop!! We were very excited, if she poops it out tomorrow then surgery will come back and take a look at her, if everyone feels comfortable with her progress then they will continue to watch her, but it looks like her stomach problems are behind us for now. I personally think this is because of 3 things, the medicine and care that she is being given, all of the love and prayers that she is receiving, and of course the healing power of the Lord who continues to watch over her and fill her with his healing spirit. Machel and I were excited so we went back to the apartment and then took a walk to a nice little restaurant not far from our apartment. We ate and recharged.

So then this evening we came up to her bedside, and the final firsts occurred. When we got here Angela was about to give care to our little girl, change her, weigh her and take her temperature. She asked if we wanted to help and mommy said, why don't you do it daddy. SO I DID! I have been very apprehensive to hold, move or even touch our little girl, given my giant, rough hands and her tiny, frail frame. But she has been doing so well, I wanted to help out. (Plus mommy has already taken her temperature and changed her diaper several times, so I wanted to get a chance to do it too!!) Well, I took her temp and she was so sweet, she loves her daddy!! She felt so soft and warm, but then out of no where she reared back and tried to punch her arm out. (We have been telling you she's a little fighter!!) She was surprisingly strong, which gave me more confidence to then change her diaper!! I got the old one unstrapped and placed the new one underneath before removing the old one. (I have learned this is the best way to do it because on occasion she likes to pee with no diaper on, she is so fiesty!!) So as I was pulling the old diaper off, I saw a small mucus smear of poop, it was exciting, another pooh!! Then I changed her diaper and the x-ray tech came in again. It looks like the dye is continuing to flow well, but is moving slowly. Then I got to help weigh her. It was awesome holding her head and lifting her up and then placing her back down to see her weight. IT came up 930 grams, she is over 2 lbs!! Machel and I smiled, cheered and high fived!! It was so funny, like she just won a major award. Here are some pictures that mommy took.

So it has been a good day, we are very tired and heading home soon. I've been blogging from her bedside tonight, another first!! Well here are some more pics of our little angel. (I WAS CAMERA HAPPY TODAY!!)

Lord, through you all things are possible, thank you for your gracious love and continuing to watch over our baby and the other little angels here at the NICU. Please bless all of the wonderful people in this world and fill their hearts with the spirit of our Lord.


KCWoodhead said...

Hey - I had a hat on like that on my run tonight! I like a girl in pink, although hopefully it won't be long before the orange longhorn booties fit her!g

What a wonderful day for you two. I am so happy to hear how well things are going. You attitudes and faith have been amazing, and I have no doubt she is doing so well because of you.

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift to get to hold her for the first time! I bet Bella was thinking, "let's do this again tomorrow!"

Candice said...

How amazing, congrats! I promise you will never forget what it felt like to hold her for the first time. Mom you're beautiful holding baby Bella, and way to go Dad by helping out! The more comfortable you become doing these things the more you will begin to feel like "real" parents, so absolutely do any and every thing they allow you to do!

Continued best wishes to you all,
Candice, Cody & Rhys

Kyra Newberry said...

I have found your blog through Coy's and have been following your story. I was a NICU nurse for 10 years (School nurse now) and have twin boys that were 2lb at birth. Your little Bella is a fighter and she knows how much you love her! Keep reading to her and changing her and loving her. She knows you are there! I hope you have a very Merry CHRISTmas and we will be praying here in Texas for your family! God Bless you!

Marianne said...

We are so happy to hear of the wonderful time you had with your baby girl today. I met Chris once at an Astos baseball game with my hubby Jeremy that used to worked with him at ConocoPhillips. I look forward to reading more about your little baby growing up.

Parker's mom said...

GO BELLA GO!!! And YAY Mommy for kangarooing! It is the most amazing feeling in the world! You will never forget that feeling! Those good times will keep you going through out rough road. And YAY Daddy for changing a diaper! The more you do the more you feel like parents...never hesitate to ask to do something. Sounds like the best present you could ask for! We also love the pictures. Keep being camera happy Dad, we love the pictures!

lauren said...

Hooray!!! Congratulations on FINALLY being able to hold your precious girl!!

So glad to hear that her tummy is healing up and things are moving along as they should - yippee!!!

Continuing to pray for you guys!
~ Lauren

stephanie said...

YAY! I check the blog often and Jane asks for an update. Well today I told her hurry you have to read it now! Hurry! I am so excited for both you... Thank God for the small miracles!

Teena White said...

Go, God, Go! That is fantastic! What a great day!

Shauna said...

Crap! Bella is turning me into a softy...I couldn't help but shed a few tears reading your blog today. That is awesome. So happy for you both.
P.S. Please don't let her wear those longhorn booties. :)

Amber said...

That is so great I am so happy that you and Chris got your early Christmas present in getting to hold and tend to Bella. I am sure she was at peace being with her mommy and daddy. God is so great and Bella continues to thrive and is looking so awesome. She is gaining weight and her color is beautiful. I too hope soon she can wear her Longhorn booties and that you guys get to come back home so we can all love and see this precious miracle from above.

Merry Christmas and love to your family,

Amber, Brian, and Aubrey

The Babel Family said...

Machel and Chris,
I am sooo Happy for yall. What a wonderful day for you, holding your angel for the first time is unforgettable. She is beautiful! Trenleigh asks" I hold baby bella, shes precious mommy". We can't wait to meet precious angel bella.
Love and Prayers,
Brad, Tyra & Trenleigh