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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Bella Day 23

I have to say, today has not been an easy one. Isabella still has totally stable vitals but there were a few hiccups during the day; her heart rate shot up several times, her blood pressure went a little high, and she desated on several ocassions. In addition, her belly seems to be a little fuller than yesterday. During rounds Dr. McGahren said that he was pleased with the way the wound was healing and how the stomas looked, but her x-ray showed that her bowels were dialated. Which could mean that her bowels are in the early stages of beginning to function or there is the possibility that she has another problem in another part of the bowel. Then this evening we noticed that the wound is starting to ooze (something the nurse had already caught). We pray that all is well and that Bella is in the midst of recovery.

I guess after getting to hold Bella on Monday I have become even more attached to her. I constantly want to see her and do not like leaving her. I want our baby girl to know we are there, that we know she is doing well, and that she is such a fighter. I have been more stressed today than any other day since she had surgery. I am figuring that part of that has to do with wanting to see her progress a little more. I read on Parker's website today where Mere said that she wouldn't wish going through the preemie rollercoaster on her worst enemy -- Amen sister!!! I know that God only gives us what we can handle. I know that He is by our side and holding Isabella in His hands. I fully trust in the Lord and His divine plan. But there are still difficult days and it is still trying.

Beyond all our friends and family that have been so wonderful, I really want to thank all our NICU family out there and all the support they have given us. Even though we have never met you, we can honestly say that we love you and will support you as much as we can for the rest of our lives.

Romans 13:8
Love your neighbor as yourself
Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.


Amber said...

A little bit of oozing is normal after surgery especially if it is trying to heal. It is not uncommon for this to happen. I am so glad the nurse has recognized it and I am sure they will keep an eye on it and point it out to the doctor. With bowel surgery dilation can mean two things like you said. In my practice (mainly in adults) when there is dilation that means the bowels are trying to work again. It will be evident in the next couple of days especially if the bowel sounds start to return and if she starts to pass any type of gas or if things start to move in her stomach again The main thing is that she is staying stable some dips and changes in vital signs can be normal-sometimes these things can indicate pain. It is a wait and see type of thing. She is getting the best care she can possibly get and I know God has great plans for Miss Isabella. Put all your faith and trust in Him and he will lead the way. Having surgery is not easy on anyone especially a baby that is as fragile as Isabella. She will have some good days and some not so good days but through it all she will come out on top I know that in my heart. Keep your head up stay strong and be there for Isabella she knows you love her and that there are many people praying for her. I know it is hard to have to go through this especially to see your baby lying there and their is nothing you can do but I know God's plan and his will for her is much stronger than anything we can ever imagine. I am always praying for you guys and Bella. If you need anything please call me or email me.

Love you guys,

Jodi said...

It is so tough. I know people can imagine how tough it is, but until you've been through it. . .it's just one of the most difficult, trying times of your life. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. . .and to be so far away from home. That has to make it incredibly difficult. She is in good hands. In the NICU and in God's hands. . .there is no better place to be.

Parker's mom said...

Oh I wish I were closer to come and hug you! It does sound like Bella is doing well. Hiccups are expected. Though they are SOO frusterating! If you need to talk just call or email and I will send you my or night...Still praying for Bella like she is my own. And yes, God would NEVER give you more then you can handle...but I know it's hard. You guys are doing AMAZING!my email that I check regularly..